2nd_street (2nd_street) wrote,

Как на самом деле выглядел Маугли

This is an example of a feral man (isolated from human communities, raised by animals).
• feral children are never able to properly learn human language.
• once they are passed that critical learning person (from age 2-5) that’s it, it’s over. they will never be able to communicate normally.
• they are able to communicate with their animal family in ways such as a growl
• they become integrated with the environment.
• for example, the case of the Victor of Aveyron, was a feral boy. when brought into a warm home, he hated it. he tried to escape numerous times and frolicked around naked in the snow.
• feral children may never learn how to walk upright because as said before they passed the critical learning period
• they show disinterest around the people around them, and prefer the companion of their animal family
• their skin and feet have evolved to suit their respective environment. for example, strong calluses at the feet for running around the forest.
Tags: Естествознание/биология

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