2nd_street (2nd_street) wrote,

Чтобы понять: что нужно? - надо, увы сделать много ненужного...

...и ничего с этим не поделаешь.

A curious piece of Italian engineering, the “Motomitragliatrice blindata d’assalto” (“Motorised Armoured Assault Machine Gun”) was apparently designed in 1935 by the Ansaldo company, a national producer of equipment and guns for the Italian Royal Army.
Weighing a total of 470 Kg, its armour could protect the operator against all small arms´ fire, including 7.92mm Mauser (if shot from a distance greater than 50 metres). A tiny Frera 250 cc engine was to provide traction with a top speed of 4.9 Km/H, and a virtual autonomy of 100 Km.
The “Mias” could be fitted with either 2 twin-mounted Scotti 6.5mm Machine Guns or a Brixia 45mm Cannon.
Tags: Война - это война!, Естествознание/техника

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